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In today’s world of seemingly endless amounts of fancy-schmancy gadgets, gizmos, widgets and techno wonders, you “Gotta Have” a book.  Why?  Simply put, there is nothing that adds more to your credibility as an expert in your field, positions you as a leading authority or does it better, faster and less expensive than the oldest form of software.... a Book.

But not just any Book; we’re talking about your Book.

And that makes YOU a published author. Imagine that ...  even your parents will be impressed.

Our main mission with the EXPERT BRANDED BOOK is to fill in a big, huge blank on your resume, the missing piece in your positioning, and enhance your brand. This is the one thing that will help you stand out, get noticed and be remembered.

A book authored by YOU!

Something of value to leave behind at the end of a meeting, speech or presentation. A memorable item to present to a business suitor that stands out -- and not just another corporate brochure that will be easily forgotten or tossed away. Your book can even be included in a package for a recruiter to up-level you as a leading authority in a highly competitive job market. Or, leave it as a legacy for your colleagues, family and friends.

You’ll make history - a book is a classic way to become timeless.

And with the right positioning, marketing and publicity ... you may even become a Best Selling Author!

But wait! Don’t be scared. We're going to make is easy. We're going to make it painless. The pros at
SPG are going to help you with each and every step along the way. Promise.

Chapter 1:  Getting the Juices Flowing

The first rule of writing a book is to think about what you know. It doesn't have to be long — think of the One-Minute Manager. It doesn't have to be out of your comfort zone. Simply put, your book is going to be based on you and your business.

We can talk about topics with you. Brainstorm a bit. In other words, you think it and we ink it. So what to write about? 

Well, if you were asked to speak at a breakfast or to a networking group at lunch, what would you say? Certainly, your talk might be customized for the group — that's one book.

You may already have a prepared speech or presentation — that's another book.

How about the 10 Things You've Learned in _____________ (your area of expertise here).

Or, How To ______________ (again, your business specialty, here).

Or, The Top Five Ways to ________________(once again, your experiences, here).

It's getting easier now, isn't it? Good.

Chapter 2:  Don't Be Afraid - We Make The Process Easy!

Back to the easy and painless part. Together, we create the content.

You can participate as much -- or as little as you want. 100% or 1% and everything in-between.

We are going to leverage your experience, knowledge, integrity, process, and successes -- and perhaps even a few failures -- into a short and sweet tome (up to 108 pages) that will confound your competitors but delight, inform and IMPRESS your colleagues, employees, co-workers and, most important of all, clients and future prospects. 

Let's summarize the flow for you without too much detail ... Y
our SPG Project Manager will help gather information during input sessions. Pair you with a professional ghostwriter if needed, or use a manuscript of your own if you have one. Write. Professionally edit. Design the outside cover and the inside flow. Paginate & format. Secure an ISBN number. Price it. Proof it and publish it. Then SPG launches it for sale on Amazon and other sites, creates your author’s page on and provides all the links for you to list it on your website. 

From soup to nuts, the whole process generally takes about 12 weeks or less to be up online and able to sell books to the public.

When you have book sales we’ll send you your share of the proceeds -- the royalties -- generated from amazon and other global distribution sales channels and bookstores. Yes, the book and YOU get global exposure ... that's like, around the whole world.

Ordering copies is super easy and you can buy at wholesale! You can order copies of your book on demand as needed plus tax, shipping and handling -- order just 1, a few, hundreds or even thousands -- with no minimums! 

Chapter 3: Please Inscribe It For Me…

You will impress your friends, family, clients and colleagues, and immediately improve your positioning and the way your clients and prospective clients see you -- as a leading authority. A famous author. A visionary. Your book could even land you on radio and television -- good morning America, I'm here!

Moreover, you will eagerly hand them out at book signings, for promotional use during presentations, breakfasts, luncheons, meetings, networking events, speaking engagements, conventions, and other uses where “the $3.00 Business Card” could -- make that WILL -- help you snare that million dollar deal. 

Chapter 4: Real Page Turners

We’ve listed a few popular titles and best sellers to the right. Books are typically printed in paperback with the option of adding a digital version for Kindle.  

Join the list of titles created by our newly-minted Sterling published authors and Experts in their field.

Epilogue:  Getting Started with SPG

It's easy. It's fun. It's fast. It's affordable. It's something that will give you a competitive advantage in business, and cement your position as an expert and leading authority in your industry. 

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