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Sterling Publishing Group
offers a variety of creative services and products to help you become a published author. We love books, and as an elite boutique firm, we can produce yours in a variety of formats.

  • Books in print - Paperback & Hardcover
  • Books online - Digital, e-Books, Kindle & Nook
  • Audible and Visual Books & Products (mp3, cd, mp4, dvd)
We collaborate with writers and non-writers, entrepreneurs, executives, consultants, coaches, speakers, trainers, photographers and artists in a creative effort to showcase their work and unique talent in an environment built on honesty, integrity and respect. 

Books are timeless and they create an impression and lasting legacy for years to come. Now is the time for you to simply THINK IT & INK IT!

Becoming a published author of a non-fiction book is the perfect way to strengthen your resume, leverage your expertise, and strategically position you in your industry as a leading authority or expert. We even offer ghostwriting services for the non-writer. For the author of fiction, children's books or your memoir, SPG's team of amazing editors, artist and book designers can help bring your story to a new horizon making your dream of being published a reality like no other.

Our core values may be a little old-fashioned to some and we like it that way. We actually answer our phone and have real conversations with people. We do business one-on-one with great attention to detail, a caring and refreshing sense of truth, and personalized attention that makes our clients feel good. Our environment is inspirational, harmonious and a place where we can all thrive. We strive to please with a high regard to quality care, customer service and satisfaction ... it reigns proud in our humble culture. Yet, our production style is contemporary, innovative and simply the best. It's the Sterling Difference and we're Top-Notch. We get down to business efficiently and effectively, and we've embraced "Indie Publishing" with open arms, so whether you want print-on-demand, digital or books in bulk quantity, SPG helps our clients secure the best resources and direction for each project. SPG offers the independence of owning your title with the imprint of a quality brand and experienced publisher.

We work to encourage a thriving community of creative professionals with the continued appreciation and protection of their work. SPG strives to unleash the true and authentic potential within each client, combined with the freedom and income potential that self-publishing provides, all backed by a solid company structure built by traditional publishing standards.

It all lends to the knowledge, expertise and support of industry professionals to better position you in the marketplace, successfully.

We're here to help you become a published author and welcome your manuscript for review.

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Professional Services
  • Book Design, Formatting, Editing & Publishing
  • Complete & Partial Project & Product Design
  • Writing, Copywriting & Ghostwriting 
  • Cover Concept, Creation & Design
  • Interior Book Design, Formatting & Layout
  • Proofreading and Editing Services
  • ISBN and Bar Code Registration
  • Printing Services | On Demand & Bulk
  • National, International & Global Distribution
  • Marketing, Public Relations & Promotions
  • Press Releases, Publicity & Social Media
  • Book Launches, Sales & Distribution
  • Consultations & Coaching Available
We Love Books!
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The Sterling Publishing Group
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